Aeschli Christine Wilkinson

Aeschli is and always will be a beautiful soul and our connection as siblings will live on forever. She was my protector and guider. She taught me everything from self love to independence. She left behind so many memories that we will treasure forever. She carried herself with strength through life. With such a positive outlook on life. As a child she enjoyed swimming, being taught by our father. It was one of their favorite pastimes. She was also a great snowboarder and enjoyed spending time at the mountain with oour grandfather. She was very family oriented and enjoyed spending time with family and made close connections with friends throughout her life whom she considered family as well. As she grew up, she became very close with nature. It was her place to get away, explore and clear her mind. When her dog Roxanne became apart of her life, they never missed the chance to get out and walk the parks. Roxanne became her closest heart. One of their favorite parks being Lake Padden. Aeschli welcomed her first and only daughter into the world on December 24th, 2017. Hayden was always the light of her life and her biggest motivator to succeed. She began working out at the refinery’s. She was so proud to be working and found her passion out there. Aeschli worked hard for everything she had in life. She was bold, she was fierce and as her good friend would say, “Aeschli was a force to be reckoned with.” She was driven to give her and her daughter a happy and comfortable life. She was also very intelligent. She knew what she did and didn’t want in life. She was inspiring. She was a woman of great strength. She was great at pushing those around her to go as far as they can and stop at nothing. If I could pin point her most unique quality it would have to be her sense of humor along with her bubbly personality. Aeschli had a way of lighting up the lives around her and creating these life long relationships with those she loved. The memories she’s left behind are endless. She had a significant impact on everyone’s life and we all share that in common today. -Autumn H.