Makyla Mae Carpenter

Makyla Mae Carpenter my beautiful (inside and out) daughter was killed by a drunk driver when she was 18 (it will be 3 years on June 26th from the accident) she spent 4 days in the hospital waiting to donate her organs. Makyla always wanted to donate her organs to a child since she was 11 and helped a little girl named Oliva (Liv for Life) that needed a new kidney both find one and get the funding for her operation! Little Liv did get that kidney and it was truly a very special thing to help out. Makyla and I and some of the other kids always ran the cotton candy, pop corn and strawberry shortcake booths at all the fundraisers! Makyla was able to give her her heart to a 5 year old boy! Her liver to a 2 year old, her pancreas and a kidney to a 40 year old dad and her other kidney to a man in his 60's! We have been blessed to know Karter the little boy that got her heart! Makyla was that kind of person that made everyone feel special and she lit up a room when she walked in with her big smile and all the light and joy that emanated from her! People had saved texts from middle school from her that made them feel special, she as a barista at Starbucks and may people told us if she was working that day there whole day was SO much better because they got their coffee from her smiling face! She was everyone's favorite person! Maykla's DOB is 7/16/99 and her death date was set as 6/30/18. -Julianna K-C.