Amanda T.

This is the most meaningful, special, thoughtful, breathtaking gift that I received this Christmas. Nearly two years in the making for me as that is as long as my son and I have been down our breastfeeding journey. I'm so happy that I get to wear and cherish this for the rest of my life and remember this special bonding time that I got to spend with my Son and giving him nutrition. It's a lot of work and it takes a lot of dedication and lots of Mommy STRENGTH. Sometimes we as mommas dont really know how strong and needed we really are. We are all SPECIAL. This journey has been tiring at times yet so POWERFUL/EMPOWERING, lonely at times yet so BEAUTIFUL, hard at times yet so WORTH IT!! To know that I have played the biggest role in giving my son what he needs is the most overwhelmingly wonderful feeling in the entire world and his daddy and I couldn't be more proud! One day, not only will I get to share our story with my son about our journey but, I'll have something to show him too.