Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see any answer to your question below, feel free to contact me here: LiquidGoldCreations@Gmail.com

 What is breastmilk jewelry?

 Breastmilk jewelry is made to commemorate a mothers breastfeeding journey, its serves a purpose as a reminder of her special gift. I use the mothers own breastmilk, preserve it, and then encase it into a beautiful stone. 

Do you work with cremation ashes?

Yes, I can work with cremation ashes, flowers, umbilical stump, etc! If you have a special inquiry, I am always open to crafting jewelry with your life’s most meaningful keepsakes.

 How much breastmilk/ashes do I need to send in for jewelry? 

You will only need to send me 5ml of breastmilk which will be plenty for a few pieces of jewelry.

For cremation ashes, I will only need a teaspoon.

How do I ship my inclusions to you?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a follow up email with detailed instructions on how to properly ship your inclusions.

How old can the milk be? Does it have to be frozen?

Your milk can be freshly pumped, frozen or old milk that is no longer good for feeding. As long as the milk is not moldy it will work perfectly for jewelry purposes. The milk is sterilized through the preservation process before I begin crafting.

 How do I care for my keepsake?

1.. Remove your jewelry before showering, washing your hands or submerging in water.

2. Do not use hand sanitizer while wearing your jewelry.

3. Keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight. This includes UV rays such as tanning beds or UV nails lamps.

4. Do not expose your jewelry to lotions, hair sprays, chlorine, household cleaners or any other harsh chemicals. Improper care of your keepsake will result in discoloration, loss of shine or can cause your stone to melt. This piece was made uniquely for you, we hope you are careful when caring for it to be sure you can cherish it for years to come!

 How do I know my jewelry is made with my own breastmilk?

As a breastfeeding mother myself, I know how important the symbolization of these keepsakes are. It is my responsibility to provide you with a piece made with your own milk to resonate your journey.

 How long does it take to receive my jewelry?

Wait times vary on the amount of current orders I am working on. You are always welcome to contact me anytime with questions regarding your order.

 Do you offer discounts?

Periodically I will do a flash sale, or a giveaway in the VIP group on facebook. I love offering discounts on holidays as well.